Friday, October 22, 2010

autumn, i love you!

  October always seems to be the busiest month. We've been running around trying to do every fun fall activity we can manage (apple picking, cider pressing, pumpkin patch, lots of nature walks, seed saving...) and there are plenty of chores to be done around the garden before the weather gets really cranky and it just rains nonstop.
  Domino is just such a sweetheart of a cat. We got her only a few days after our 18 year old kitty died and I wasn't so sure about her but I adore her! So little, kind and always loving. Domino doesn't mess around at dusk and always comes in when I call her.
We've been collecting so many pretty leaves. I think we'll preserve some in beeswax this weekend. It's an easy, fun project and they looks so lovely hung up in the window.

Look what I found. I have found a few. And a HUGE Robin and a squirrel. My cat has decided he wants to kill anything and everything he can. Thomas is really sewing his oats lately. I try not to feel weird about it. He is a cat, after all but it's really unnerving to be working in the yard and turn to find a little dead animal laid out. I always squeal or jump back. How did he catch a robin? They're big and pretty crafty birds... He is a BIG and craftier cat I guess...
Here's Tommy, hanging out behind the coop contemplating what to kill next...
  I've been enjoying writing, A friend is editing and compiling a book about cool mamas and has asked me to be a part of it. It feels good to write but I've noticed that, for me, when I'm writing it's all that I do. I don't feel in the mood to sew much or create in that way (and I have a big old pile of sewing weighing down my sewing table!). I guess I just haven't been writing much (other than here) lately as it's, for some reason, one of the easiest pursuits to neglect, although I really love to... I feel really excited to be invited and can't wait to do more. It's nice to have some guidelines within which to explore when writing.
  Now to go through the millions of stuffed animals, old cds, wooden do dads and such that are cluttering up the family/play/sewing room. time to get serious and get rid of it!
happy friday!!


  1. grrr... I think my comment didn't go through. I guess I'll try again.

    I love the photo of Domino and the pumpkin. We used to have a big, old black and white kitty named Darby. Man, I miss that cat.

    It sounds like you have been having a fun and busy autumn. I just love all the excitement that fall brings.

    Also, how cool that you are involved with your friend's book. Congratulations!

    Have a lovely autumn week!!

  2. autumn always seems so busy, doesn't it? Domino is such a sweet and magical kitty. Always so calm and delicate. I'm excited about this book and can't wait to share more about it...


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