Monday, July 19, 2010

pink & blue!

  Every year I want to go berry picking but I never get a plan together early enough. The last few summers we've missed everything but blackberries (which grow wild EVERYWHERE in our neighborhood so it requires very little effort to pick them). I managed to find a good farm and they had raspberries and blueberries so off we went.
The raspberry field was way more picturesque (dusty roads, way off the highway, lots of trees and mountains nestling it in) but there was a sad amount of ripe fruit. We had to look real hard to find ripe berries and there were many people picking unripe berries which I don't really understand but hmm, maybe they had their reasons...? We still got about a half flat (for $6!) and it was enough to make two batches of raspberry jam.
beautiful green beetle couple.

Maybe this was a robins nest? It was a wonderful surprise, made up for the lack of berries!

Way at the top of the bushes, a snail. How'd it get all the way up there?
There are mostly highbush blueberries around here. The blueberry field was full of ripe berries! Baby was eating handfuls at a time. Blueberries are her favorite. I think she was happy and somewhat confused to see them growing like crazy on every bush. They were lovely.
Once our box started filling up she stopped picking and plopped down under a bush to eat from the box. We brought home 2 big boxes. mmmm. fruit tastes so perfect eaten in the field.


  1. So much fun! We planted six small blueberry bushes this spring, but will be visiting the nearby organic blueberry farm anyday now - as I think they are jsut about ripe up here.
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  2. we planted raspberries this year and we're doing blueberries next year. I love berries! we're going back later this week with my nieces.


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