Tuesday, July 13, 2010

little lady dresses...

   My little one has this really special vintage cotton slip that she wears as a dress. It is just perfect. I was being all sad the other day that we didn't have several and it dawned on me that I could make as many as I want!! The cut is very simple, two identical pieces sewn together and hemmed on all edges. so so easy. I made four over the weekend. I left the bottom edge raw so that is would fray a bit (I love that). I used vintage fabrics for all but one (can u guess which one??). I'm going to make a zillion and take them into bootyland. All the stuff I've made (except for the bloomers-which is crazy as the bloomers are the cutest things ever) has been selling well.

   Now to tackle this chicken coop. We're building this. I'm kind of scared....


  1. oh those dresses are too cute, the pink animal print one is amazing!

  2. i love that one, it was a pillowcase!


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