Wednesday, May 19, 2010

coming out of the mist...

  It turns out, staying in the hospital for about a week with my (not so) little boy leaves me feeling quite depressed. I'm left with this feeling similar to coming home from a long vacation-minus the fun memories... The last week has been such an intense rollercoaster of emotions. I feel like my mental space has been invaded, corrupted and I'm left trying to reclaim my version of reality. Not only was I touched by my child's trial with illness, but touched by the lives of the other children (and parents) we saw and met. Also, I was amazed by the compassionate important work people are out there doing everyday. so many thought to process and give mind to. Hopefully soon I will be baking cookies and laughing and sitting in sunshine. Right now I feel a little shattered...


  1. what a difficult experience, you are such a strong mama! sometimes it's hard to realize how lucky we are just to be healthy and for our children to be healthy, i feel extra blessed today. xo

  2. yes, that experience has taught me a lot about gratitude. It was a good reminder in that way. the things some families have to deal w/ everyday (as seen in the hospital) breaks my heart... xo


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