Thursday, April 15, 2010


  I'm feeling pretty happy about the amazing women friends I am lucky to have in my life. It seems to be a lot harder to make friends as an actual adult but I think it's because I am more cautious and selective. In my much younger days I would befriend some of the strangest (to put it kindly) folks and then find my world filled with drama, frenemies, and um, crazy people. Now, there are some truly wonderful women and I feel inspired and elated to be near them.

I put this calendula (and many other secret herbs) into oil weeks ago to infuse for this magical golden hair pomade/shine creme. Soon it will be time to strain the herbs and make the concoction. This is the first time I've actually infused oil with herbs (as opposed to just adding essential oil) and I'm excited to see the outcome. Only a few more days!

moss is everywhere here.

so is this stuff. graffiti is urban moss? maybe so.


  1. am growing calendula in the garden this year so will be making some potions too.
    lovely blog x

  2. thank you! I'm growing it as well. we'll see how it grows, so far not much is happening. crossing fingers...


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