Sunday, January 31, 2010

sunday afternoon...

  Sunday is a day that I start intending to be lazy or crafty but I usually end up doing a million bits of housekeeping... It starts with something small and turns into home project day. And wash day... Truthfully, every day is wash day with a family of 4, but sunday is the big wash day, cloth diapers, sheets, towels, etc... Climbing into bed with new sheets is just the best.
  We went for a long walk around the neighborhood this afternoon. So good to breathe in the crisp air. There has been too much time spent indoors lately.
collecting bits of spring where they can be found.
I thought this tree was such a perfect Halloween tree.

  Oven roasted brussles sprouts (and beets and salmon...)for dinner. I am really loving the winter csa we're part of. It forces me to try new recipes and we've been eating plenty of veggies as they're alljust sitting there staring at us...

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