Saturday, January 30, 2010

somebody is always sick it seems...

  This winter seems to have brought more than our fair share of the sick... There were breaks here and there but the past month has been pretty intense. And honestly, as the one member of our family who has been the least sick, I am soooo darn tired.
Pancakes help a little.
I love this little towel hanger in the kitchen.
bits of sunshine
good rooty foods
spring is starting to peek out
granola. I am just loving the gluten free oats

  Snuck away for some saturday sister time. After these long weeks of little sleep and constant tending to others, these saturdays with my sis have been something I look forward to greatly.
  Hopefully, tomorrow will be productive and I'll have a few things to post to my etsy store next week. pictures soon...


  1. Look after yourself too! We have had exactly the same kind of winter but it's my husband who's been the least ill. He's quite driven into the ground by shopping and caring for the rest of us, though. I hope you're properly apprecited at home, holding everything together there.

  2. I love pancakes, those look so scrummy. so does that granola...I am a big fan of that this time of year.

    Sistertime is a necessity for me too.

  3. I have been taking my vitamins and supplements like crazy. and I think the pancakes may be the main thing keeping the sick away from me...


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